Self Improvement Through better planning

TaskRun is A Quick and Easy Task List Organizer for Windows. Making todo lists and setting daily fitness goals has never been easier

TaskRun Time Planner was inspired by Benjamin Franklin's method of self improvement through better daily planning. Plan and Organize your task list on a 7 day calendar. Increase your productivity and reduce confusion in your life. The program helps you organize your to-do list on a calendar, and comes with a pomodoro timer. Use the built-in pomodoro timmer to split tasks into 25 minute chunks, and to take 5 minute breaks.

To-Do Lists, with a difference

Properly monitoring and tracking your daily Tasks can reduce stress, and result in more free time and happiness in your life.

Plan and Check off Tasks

Track diet and Exercise

TaskRun Features

Keep track of your big projects with a separate calendar, ToDo list, Time and Money trackers

Fitness / Calorie Tracker

Calculate your daily caloric intake with a 5000+ food database.

TaskRun comes with a 5000+ USDA food database to help you calculate how many calories you eat daily.

Print on Index Cards

Allows you to print each day individually on a 3x5 index card

This makes caring your list of events very easy. An index card is thinner than a phone, flexible, fits in your pocket and is ultimately disposable.

E-mail your task list

Send your task List

Allows you to send your task list to your email inbox with one click

Money Tracker

Keep Track of how much you spend

Keep track of money spent on a project

TaskRun Planner

Plan your week